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Perpetual Trophies

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Bluegrass Buckskin Horse Association

                                        INSTONE Air Service
              is proud to announce their sponsorship of the
                        Bluegrass Buckskin Horse Association's
                          Perpetual Trophies
  Trophies designed by Cowboy BronzeTMcollections
   1) Perpetual trophies will be presented to open, amateur and youth champions. 
   2) The exhibitor and owner must be a BBHA member, in good standing before points will accumulate. Points will accumulate on a one exhibitor/one horse combination. This must be the same combination throughout all shows.
   3) The exhibitor must show to a minimum of 8 judges at the BBHA shows. ALL
 judges scores will count toward the trophy.
   4) Points will tabulate as follows: 1st = 7, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 5, 4th = 4, 5th = 3, 6th= 2 and all other horses will receive one point for the class. Maximum number of points per class earned under one judge will be 7. Classes with less than 6 horses will receive points in descending order with first place receiving points equal to the number of horses in the class.
   5) Any exhibitor/horse combination disqualified in a class will recieve 0 points for the class.   
   6) Open classes will count toward the open division award.(see rule #10)
   7) Amateur classes will count toward the amateur division award.(see rule #10)
   8) Youth classes will count toward the youth division award. ( see rule#10)
   9) The tie breaker will be the one exhibitor/one horse combination with the most number of first places.
  10) Dun Factor Class  will count toward the open, amateur or  youth award dependent upon the status of the exhibitor.
  11) The perpetual trpohies will be presented to the winners at the BBHA awards banquet and remain in their possession for one year. The recipient will return the trophy to the next BBHA banquet and present it to that years winner.
  12) The trophy will be "retired" and become the property of the winner after it is won by the same one exhibitor/one horse combination for three years.

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