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Bluegrass Buckskin Horse Association

2009 Banquet
Perpetual Trophies Sponsored by Instone Air Service

2009 High Point Open Horse
Private McScotch owned and shown by Mary Broyles

2009 High Point Amateur
Patty McKinley and Handy Little Bug

2009 High Point Youth
Kaylee Russell and Chippy Dun

2009 Class High Points
Karen Kimmerly and Quiet As A Mouse, Tricia Russell and Chippy Dun, Mary Broyles and Private McScotc

2009 Owingsville Show

Like mother like daughter
Trish and Kaylee at the Owingsville show.

.the pictures from the 2010 banquet did not turn out  - sorry to the Perpetual Trophy winners

Open - Mary Broyles and Private McScotch
Amateur - Trica Russell and Chippy Dun
Youth - Kaylee Russell and Chippy Dun